Friday, 24 August 2012

Which is hot now among Homecoming, Prom & Formal Desses

Orange Crush
WARNING: You'll look amazing.
Don't be afraid of orange this year! Fall in love with it, much like designers did for their spring/summer collections. This super-bright color may seem intimidating, but it looks great on all skin tones. It can work perfectly for your next formal event when paired with the right accessories, kept minimal so the focus isn't taken off your statement orange dress. Try shoes, jewelry, and shawls in nudes and neutrals like black, white, silver, and grey. And if you're not ready to take the orange plunge yet, try an off-shoot color like peach, coral, or just a lighter orange.

Little White Dress
A clean, exceedingly chic, slate.
You've heard of the little black dress, and it's high time you supplied your closet with a new classic: the little white dress. White is perfect for any season and any occasion (except a wedding, unless you're the bride!). It works for warm weather because it's light, airy, and innocent. White also makes a great canvas for trying out new trends, like a pair of lemon-lime pumps, a statement necklace, or glittering sequined belt. So what are you waiting for?

Chartreuse Bubblegum Machine
You say it this way: SHAR-TRUCE
One of the most unique new color trends for Spring/Summer 2011 is chartreuse. Think of it as a bright mix of yellow and green, lime with a bit of an edge. Like with any vibrant color, chartreuse can be intimidating at first. But paired with the right accessories in colors like black, white, and neutrals, you'll really turn heads with your bold and out-of-the-ordinary color choice.

Secret Garden
A new kind of floral.
Floral prints make a comeback every spring/summer season, for obvious reasons. This year, the take on florals is a bit impressionist - think blurred watercolors and minute ditsy prints that seem abstract from far away. Ideal accessories for floral prints would be simple and keep in line with the color scheme of your dress. This trend meshes very well with another trend: sheer fabrics. As per Julien MacDonald and Alberta Ferretti above, floral plus sheer equals a very romantic, ethereal ensemble for you to rock at your next formal event.

Ocean Blue
Swimming on land.
The first color you probably think of when it comes to warm weather is blue: your favorite dye for Easter eggs, the first cloudless sky of summer, the glimmer of the ocean as you step in to cool off. Maybe these are the thoughts the designers had when they let loose a myriad of dresses in colors inspired by the sea and the sky. These hues of blue look great paired with accessories in a shade or two darker or white and silver.

Sheer Delight
Sexy, not trampy.
Sheer fabrics showed up a few seasons ago, and since they don't look to be leaving anytime soon, why not embrace the trend? You're probably thinking, "I'm not wearing anything sheer outside of my bedroom!", but see-through doesn't have to be lewd. Try a dress like Georges Chakra's with a sheer layer over a solid skirt or, like Dolce & Gabbana above, a dress with a sheer/lace yoke (the top part of the dress above the breasts that covers the upper chest and shoulders). These styles look incredibly romantic & ethereal, not to mention peek-a-boo sexy.

Tickle Me Pink
Cute with an edge.
Whether you're a girly girl or a rebel at heart, there's a shade of pink for you. Pink is one of the most popular colors for warm weather because it easily invokes innocence and liveliness. The colors stay the same, but every season, designers reinvent the little pink dress with new styles, shapes, and embellishments. This year is about mixing the dual personalities of the perky shade with hot pink ballerina-style dresses, ruched pastel minis, and blazing pink added to a classic ladylike shape, all perfect for rocking your sweet, feminine side and your bad girl side at once.

When life gives you lemons, make a fashion statement.
No summer would be complete without a bright pop of yellow and designers this season thought so too as they worked it into just about every dress style & silhouette. This shade (from its brightest to its lightest) looks great on all skin tones and is easily complimented by coordinating brights (like green and orange) and soft neutrals (like white and silver). So just pick the silhouette that suits you best and have at it!

Prom, Homecoming, & Formal Dresses - What's Hot Now
While prom season may only last a few months, homecoming, dances, and other formal events are going on all year long! This lens features the top ten trends for Spring-Summer 2014 with gorgeous, stylish Purple Homecoming Dresses, plus coordinating accessories to complete your outfit, and ultimately help you buy the formal dress of your dreams!

This season's hottest trends are about being bold & new with ultra bright colors, unusual graphics, and flirty accents. So don't be afraid to mix and match your favorites to create the perfect look. Whether you opt for a pink and blue striped dress or a blurred floral gown with pops of sheer, you'll definitely stand out in style this year.

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Stripes are one of the quintessential patterns for spring and summer, but you don't have to limit yourself to the classic red, white, & blue nautical theme. This season, designers have imagined the warm weather filled with bright stripes in every color, from yellow to green to purple. The sky's the limit with as many colors striped together as you please. Of course, there's always the classic black and white that's sure to be a stunner no matter what the season.

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