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Trendy2014 homecoming Dresses - Getting Ready for homecoming 2014

2014 homecoming Dress Trends - Mermaid Styles
2014 homecoming Dress Trends - Mermaid StylesThe biggest trend in homecoming dresses this season has to be the mermaid style gown. Its a look that is alluring, sexy, classy and perfect for showing off your curves. The mermaid dress usually comes strapless, and tapers around the hips and legs and comes out again towards the feet. If you have a larger bust, the mermaid style is great for balancing your hips and creating a hourglass figure. It's also a dress that can easily create curves if you desire to have more of a shapely figure.

2014 homecoming Dress Trends -Red Dresses
The most popular hue in homecoming dresses this season is red. It was seen on red many carpet, and it's perfect for the 2014 homecoming season.

2014 homecoming Dress Trends - Thigh High Splits
This is a bit of a racy trend compared to the others, so be sure to check with your parents before stepping out in this dress. Thigh high splits were favored on the runway, and it's a look that will definitely turn heads and grabs alot of attention. Perfect for showing off your legs.

2014 Lace Homecoming Dresses Trends - Ball Gowns
For the past few homecoming season, short dresses have remained popular, and while they are still a favorite for many, big ball gowns are back this season. With this trend the bigger the better, and don't be afraid to go over the top with this trend. Think Cinderella when choosing a dress this season.

2014 homecoming Dress Trends - Mullet Dresses
A new trend on the rise in both the fashion and homecoming world, is the look of mullet dresses. Much like the hairstyle of the 80's the mullet dress is short in the front and long in the back. Another great dress for showing off legs.
homecoming Dress Trends - Plunging Neckline
Another trend in which you'll have to ask your parents permission for is the look of plunging neckline. Dresses that feature deep and low cut necklines are very popular this homecoming season.

2014 homecoming Dress Trends - Short Dresses
Although you might find many wearing long dresses this season, short dresses are still fun and flirty and perfect for the girl next door.

2014 homecoming Dress Trends - Sequins
Whether it's ton of sequins, or just a tad, sequins are perfect for adding sparkle on homecoming night, and with this trend keep accessories and jewelry to a minimum since your dress can do all the talking.

2014 homecoming Dresses - One Shoulder
The look of one shoulder dresses have been popular for sometime now, and it looks like this trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Getting Ready for homecoming 2014
2014 homecoming dresses. Key dress trends to wear for the 2014 homecoming season. As we getting ready for the homecoming season, it's time to find the perfect dress. If you've already been to homecoming then you may already know what to expect when it comes to homecoming dress shopping. If have yet to attended homecoming you might find yourself struggling to find your perfect dress for homecoming night. You just might have to search through several different stores to find the look you're going for, and you may have to look online. If you plan on looking online be sure to order your dress early so that you'll have plenty of time to make sure your dress fits before homecoming. If you still have trouble finding the right dress you can try making it yourself, or having one specially made for you. In the end remember that homecoming is fun, and that it's a celebration so try not to get too carried away with finding the right dress. Look below to see some of the hottest trends in dresses for 2014.

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