Saturday, 25 August 2012

lovely and stylish Vintage Retro homecoming Dresses

When dressing in the 1940's form, think Audrey Hepburn. In selecting your homecoming dress, remember details like, butterfly sleeves, tight waists, exagerated shoulders and A-Line or Form Fitting Skirts.

If the 1960's interest you, think demure and lady-like. Despite the '60's being a time of GoGo Boots and Mini Skirts, when it came to formal evenings out, elegant long gloves were worn, skin was adequately covered up, and the overall look was formal and graceful. Think of the former first lady, Jackie Kennedy. homecoming dresses were often pretty and frilly with a conservative look.

1940's Vintage Retro homecoming Dresses
Walk in the room in Satin or Lace, with cap sleeves, and a tight waist with a flared flowing skirt, and yesterday will live again, through you.
Watch a Real 1940's Fashion Show!
This video gives you a fantastic presentation of the evening fashions in the 1940's - The dresses are so pretty, and you'll really understand the Era and style much better.

Short Retro 50's Vintage homecoming Dresses
Walk into the room reflecting yesterday in a style that is unique to you. Dress up this look with vintage details; hair bands, scarfs, shoes, a purse and jewlery.
To make the look authentic, make sure you add something from today's style - Be Vintage with a Modern touch.
Watch a 1950's Fashion Show!
This fashion show is a "real show" from the 1950's - It's an excellent way for you to understand the design and style you need to capture in order to re-create a '50's look.

1960's Retro Vintage homecoming Dresses
They don't have to be expensive; If your preference is a 1960's feel when you dress for your homecoming, there are actually many choice dresses to choose from.
A 1960 Fashion Show
This fashion show may make you laugh a bit - not sure if there's much worth wearing here, but it does provide a sense of the design for that period in time. The coat at the very end is lovely.

1970 Vintage Retro homecoming Dresses
A time of "Empire Waists", "Disco Dresses", "The Hippie Dress Look", and "Classy Halter Dresses", the 1970's represented a transition and growth in design from the '60's to the 80's.
1970 Fashion Show
Fabulous 1970 Fashion Show featuring lovely, stylish clothes. This Video captures the essence of that time. Great clothes!

Retro Style Vintage Dresses to Give You that Original, One-of-a-Kind Look at Your homecoming

The term "Retro" or "Vintage" covers numerous decades. It's odd to think of the 1970's or 1980's as Vintage or Retro, but they are! However, more often than not, these terms tend to generically refer to the 1950's, but of course you can find Retro A line Homecoming Dresses from a variety of decades, even the 1940's.
If it's the 1950's that appeal to you, then styles such as "A Marilyn Monroe Dress", "A Lucy Swing Dress", or a "Rockabilly Satin Dress" are good choices to look at.

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