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How to Choose Color and Style for Prom, Homecoming or Semi Formal Purses

A girl's purse ties her look together and contains everything to make her look great all night long. Here are some tips on choosing a handbag for a formal event.

Popular styles of formal purses include clutches, wristlets, pouches and swing purses. The most common evening bag used for proms, Long Homecoming Dresses and semi formals is the clutch, a small handheld purse. Some clutches come with a handle, while others have a thin strap inside so that the purse can be worn over the shoulder if desired.
How to Choose a Clutch for Prom, Homecoming or Semi Formal: Purse Shape and Body Shape

Clutches come in more styles than the classic rectangular shape. A girl searching for a clutch can find hard boxy styles and softer, rounded shapes as well. Clutches can also vary in size, although they are smaller than an average purse. A girl's height and body shape will help determine what kind of style to choose.

Petites, Plus Sizes, Tall Girls and Evening Handbags

Whatever frame a girl has, she should choose an evening handbag in proportion to her height but in the opposite style of her body shape.

    Petites should opt for a smaller clutch
    Tall girls should opt for a longer or larger clutch
    Plus size girls should look for structured or boxy clutches
    Thin girls should look for softer, rounded clutches

A girl with the perfect-shaped purse needs to hold it correctly as well. “Tiny hard-shells should be held high and close to the body, in the same way as you would hold a small rabbit,” advises the London Guardian. “Longer envelopes should be held at one end with a dangling arm and a degree of insouciance. Clutching isn't really the correct way to hold a clutch.”

How to Choose Color and Style for Prom, Homecoming or Semi Formal Purses

A girl going to prom or homecoming has a lot of options when it comes to picking a purse color to match her dress. She can pick the same color as her dress, or she can match the color to her shoes or jewelry. Another chic look is to pick a purse in a complementary color to the dress – gold or silver with a black or white dress, for example.

Clutches can be very plain or quite elaborate, with sequins, beading, ribbons and crystals. Choose a handbag that is the opposite of the dress – a simple homecoming dress can be paired with a satin beaded clutch, while an elaborate prom dress will look best with a sophisticated but low-key clutch.
Things to Consider Before Buying a Clutch for Prom, Homecoming or Semi Formal

Even “over sized” clutches are small purses. A girl heading out for a long, glamorous night will have to think carefully about what she will be able to carry in her clutch. Another important factor for most teenagers is price. Learn what to put into a clutch as well as how to get good deals on evening purses in Where to Buy Purses for Prom or Homecoming.

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